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06 avril 2010

SEGA believes that sales of PC games are not as bad as rumored

John Clark, executive SEGA in the UK, has spoken with the portal MCV about the ever controversial present and future of the industry PC video gameAnd it has to send a aion kinah message.

"The PC market is third in terms of performance with a decrease of 26%, but that does not reflect the total market, "said Clark. "The digital business sector is a viable but invisible since they do not collect the tops or the records. The PC market is actually performing much better than rumored, and continues as a strong and vital in which take part. "

"In 2009, SEGA was named the second largest distributor of PC market and in 2010 we will be second again," said the executive. "During the past month tops PC SEGA illustrated the position to buy aion kinah sector with Napoleon: Total War, Football Manager 2010 and Aliens vs. Predator as three sets of different styles and different genres."

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01 avril 2010

Switzerland begins to shape a law against violent video games

The portal GamesIndustry reports this afternoon that in Switzerland could be very close to not being able to enjoy violent video games, And its parliament appears on the aion kinah of closing a law to ban them.

The details have not yet been finalized because the pipeline has not just begun, however the bill has been approved and is aimed at the country prohibit the sale of games that "require cruel acts of violence against humans or human-looking creatures."

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25 mars 2010

PlayStation Move?

A new candidate has just been added to the list of possible names for the motion aion kinah is that Sony and the company registered the mark yesterday PlayStation Move. The name seems to indicate that this is something related to movement controls.

On the other hand, a NeoGAF user discovered the registration of a logo rather be linked with the name Arc-basically because resembles an A-stylized. Obviously Sony has not said anything buy kinah it. What name would you prefer for this peripheral? "Arc, Gem or Move?

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22 mars 2010

More information for the new game Lara Croft

Remember the other day that we inform you about Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light? For the first details of the game just to make themselves known and it really will be much aion kinah than anyone expected; The Guardian of Light be cooperative arcade style isometric view and I'll bet you did not see that coming.

Another interesting point is that this time, Lara will be accompanied by a character named Totec, a Mayan warrior whose parents, apparently, Mesoamerica traveled much, or at least that's what I imagine, because otherwise they do not understand why Aztec they put a name to his son. During this adventure, Lara and his companion skills must unite to defeat the various challenges that await them as they find full of riddles that only can be resolved by two aion gold working in harmony, for example, Lara needs to climb to a platform high, can Totec spearing into the wall to help it achieve its mission. Other examples include the ability to Lara to shoot a hook with a rope to be crossing some chasms Totec or ability to jump on the shield of the warrior at times.

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19 novembre 2009

Relatives of political prisoners denounce human rights violations

Relatives of political prisoners demanded on Wednesday the Venezuelan head of state, Hugo Chávez, told a news conference, the vehemence with which he defended in recent days to 5 Cuban prisoners in U.S. for 11 years, "While in Venezuela There are nearly 30 political prisoners to which they have violated their human rights, "as Mr. Yajaira Castro Forero, wife of the Commissioner of aion kinah, Lazaro Forero, sentenced to 30 years by the events of 11 April 2002.

Forero commissioner's wife described as "unusual" that President Chavez used the same arguments that the relatives of political prisoners Venezuelans have been expressed for almost 7 years.

"Mr. President, to Venezuela's political prisoners have been violated his human rights. They, though innocent, have been convicted in some cases the maximum sentence in prison that does not deserve the worst offenders," he said.

Yajaira Castro asked President Chavez: "What is the difference between the violation of human rights to these Cuban citizens and with our family happens? Will they share their political ideology and not us?"

He added: "We are concerned that while you defend intensely human rights to others, in Venezuela, unjust judges and unable condemn innocent Venezuelans being complacent before his eyes."

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05 novembre 2009

Abreu: The prizes I pledge to continue the fight for poor children

  The Venezuelan Jose Antonio Abreu, founder of the system of youth orchestras in his country, received a Grammy on Wednesday to honor his career that he pledges to "continue the fight for poor children through music," he said in accepting the award in Las Vegas.

"My greatest reward is that there are still opportunities for poor children and youth, we can continue in the struggle for music education in Venezuela, on the right of children and young people of my country for music education and especially for children and low-income youth in my country to participate fully in the rights to education at the highest level. "

On a selfless man of 70 years called for numerous awards and recognitions he has been receiving "The System" of Venezuelan youth orchestras, crossing boundaries and understanding the need for further support.

"For poor children the best instruments for poor children the best teachers for poor children the best facilities and that's why we're here struggling to get through the music to continue rescuing the world and humanity as noble the spirit of youth, "he said.

"To be born I had to wait nine months to receive this award, 88 years," he told AFP Camero, who played with the jazz master Billy Taylor, Dizzy Gillespie and was a soloist with the Stan Kenton Orchestra.

"I am very happy that it's time to recognize me and that they thought that I deserved," the musician in a wheelchair.

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