John Clark, executive SEGA in the UK, has spoken with the portal MCV about the ever controversial present and future of the industry PC video gameAnd it has to send a aion kinah message.

"The PC market is third in terms of performance with a decrease of 26%, but that does not reflect the total market, "said Clark. "The digital business sector is a viable but invisible since they do not collect the tops or the records. The PC market is actually performing much better than rumored, and continues as a strong and vital in which take part. "

"In 2009, SEGA was named the second largest distributor of PC market and in 2010 we will be second again," said the executive. "During the past month tops PC SEGA illustrated the position to buy aion kinah sector with Napoleon: Total War, Football Manager 2010 and Aliens vs. Predator as three sets of different styles and different genres."